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The Sensible and Ever Stylish Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn had definitively a style of her own, that I have always admired. She was never over the top, nor ostentatious in her dress or grooming, but rather her style was always sensible, and modest.

She at times did wear beautiful gowns and had an elaborate hairdo, but it was for a special occasion and always in good taste. Her everyday style could be described as simple elegance, and chic. Her sensible style seemed almost effortless, just like the Parisian girl next door.

Here are some of my favorite photos that best describes her style.

June 1952

One of her best accessory was her smile. This light color shiny outfit along with the hat is comfort elegance at it's best!

September 1952, with James Hanson whom she was engaged but never married. Northolt Airport in London, England.

Remember when folks used to dress up when they traveled? This is a lovely example of how it could be done. I love how the peplum suit outfit, ruffle blouse, gloves, and briefcase all work well together.

Circa 1950's, Audrey at the March of Dimes Fashion Show at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Gorgeous tier gown, long gloves, and a sparkling necklace is fit for a princess.

March 25, 1954, showing her Oscar for best actress to reporters at the Academy Awards.

I wished I had a pretty dress like this for the coming spring. This white or creamy lace dress with flowers is fun and romantic.

September 25, 1954,Audrey with Mel Ferrer on their wedding day in Switzerland. 

This wedding dress is so Audrey!

Circa 1957, Audrey with Maurice Chevalier, filming Love in the Afternoon.

Before Brooke Shields, Audrey was famous for her thick eyebrows. Can't forget her pigtails, which works very interestingly with her suit. Hum, what a great idea!

May 1959, Audrey with first husband Mel Ferrer and Famous at Zurich-Kloten airport in Switzerland.

I wished this picture was in color so that we can appreciate the color scheme better.  The dress looks comfortable and yet super stylish. We shouldn't forget about Mr. Famous and of course the husband. He probably fussed about having to wear a suit and a tie. Mr. Famous on the other hand looked perfectly groomed and well-adjusted.

Circa 1964. Audrey with Rex Harrison at the premiere of My Fair Lady in Los Angeles, California.

I just finished watching My Fair Lady the other night. I have a custom to watch this movie at least once a year. I never get tired of it.  Audrey here is wearing a light color silky flowery dress, long white gloves, and around her arm is a white fur coat, that she most likely had it on when she arrived at the premiere.

Mr. Higgins sure cleaned up well himself!

Circa 1955, Audrey and first husband Mel Ferrer, posed in costume, while filming War and Peace.

Can you believe that I haven't seen this particular film! I know I had seen another War & Peace movie before. But I haven't ever seen this one with Audrey.  Although this outfit was for a movie, Audrey own it.

February 14, 1969 with her then husband Andrea Dotti at the airport in Rome, Italy.

This is a style that should definitively come back! The 60's had great velvet pants. The coat, The semi pointy Beetle's shoes, the big rounded glasses completes the chic elegant look.

Circa 1965 on a movie set in Paris, France.

Checkered black and white trousers or any other color,  black top and pointy shoes was one of Audrey's signature styles.

Circa 1962, with her dog, Mr. Famous, cycling between film stages.

She had a fun youthful approach to her look. Breakfast at Tiffany's is where we saw the light color hair. Loved, loved the pigtails and front high top. It's like a pigtail for women.

April 1971,  In a parking lot in Rome, Italy

Totally love how she kept her own style throughout the years. 

She never forgot who she was!

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This was so much fun to read. Thank you. Just amazing! I love her style even today!

Carmen Johnson said...

Thanks! If there is an Audrey clothing collection, I would own every single piece in my closet.

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