Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lena Hoschek Autumn - Winter 2012 Collection

Lena Hoschek's Autumn - Winter 2012 Catalog Collection is here! And the clothes are so feminine and chic! I especially love the dark Autumn colors, the lace, the silk and the shinny metallic materials used in this collection.

The following is Lena Hoschek's Autumn/ Winter photo fashion show.

Enjoy the collection!

It's hard to pick a favorite, because all of the clothes are just pretty. So here are some that I just absolutely love:

*Page 2: The black and white blouse with tiny polka dot is super cute. I would wear it to an art event, to a lecture, or even to the library.

* Page 8: The burgundy velvet jacket and skirt. I don't why, but I could see myself riding a horse somewhere in England with this dress.

*Page 9: The light blue shiny dress would be perfect to wear for an afternoon wedding.

*Page 13 & 14: Take a close look at the vintage lady pattern. So retro awesome!

* Page 21: The dress in silver and burgundy tapestry pattern is magnificent.

*Page 23: The pumpkin color silky dress is Autumn chic on the go.

* Page 39: Last, but not least is the long Ivory lace dress which is a bride's dream!

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