Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vidal Sassoon / The Man Behind The Scissors

Vidal Sassoon was more than just a hairdresser, he was an artist, a visionary, a craftsman who "changed the world with a pair of scissors."

Vidal did not have an easy childhood. He spent seven years with his younger brother at a London orphanage. His father had left his family when he was three years old and and due to poverty his mother could not afford to care for him.

One day his mother dreamed of her son being in a barbershop, she apprenticed him to a local barber. And that was when Vidal's hairdressing career started.

He develop two classic geometric Bauhaus-inspired hairdos of the 1960s, the bob and the shorter five-point cut. These hairstyles liberated generations of women from the tyranny of the salon with his "wash and wear" philosophy that revolutionized a world wide trend.

Although he became very famous Vidal never forgot where he came from. He took time to help people in need through his many philanthropic causes.

I didn't know much about his life and work until I saw his movie documentary. Sometimes we may have misconceptions of people because they are famous, have money or look or act in a certain way. I learned time and again to first find out what a person is really like and not to judge a book by it's cover.

This guy had a big zest for life and for people. He was truly an inspiration for us all!

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