Monday, June 25, 2012

Bésame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge

Bésame Cosmetics is one of my favorites beauty products that I totally love and can't leave home without! Lately these products have become famous thanks to shows like Pan-Am and the movie The Artist. But the main reason why these products are sought is because of it's founder Gabriela Hernandez who has brought back classic beauty makeup for the glamours woman of today.

Recently Bésame Cosmetics was awarded a Cosmetic Innovators 2012 City Award for their vintage inspired Crimson Cream Rouge!

What is special about this little rouge? Well lets find out and see.

  • Crimson Cream Rouge is a concentrated, long-lasting color cream modeled after the rouges from the romantic 1930's era that doubled as a cosmetic for use on the cheeks and lips.
  • Applied to the cheeks with a fingertip, it goes on as a silky, creamy color to create a natural, rosy look. Add a little more for a bolder, more enhanced look.
  • Never heavy or moist after application, it blends into the skin seamlessly. 
  • Applied to the lips with a lipstick brush or the fingertip, lips are stained to a semi-matte finish for a pop of color.
  •  The bright crimson hue has been carefully developed to be complementary with all skin tones. 
  • Crimson Cream Rouge is formulated with the finest ingredients: olive, grape seed and jojoba oils for moisture and antioxidant properties, vitamin E, kaolin clay, and a natural cherry flavor. You can be rest assured that Crimson Cream Rouge provides a healthy and fresh-faced look while being beneficial to one’s complexion. 
  • Beautifully designed to look like a reproduction of the rouge containers from the 30s, the embossed tin with Bésame’s signature chrysanthemums is made from 100% recyclable materials.

Bésame Cosmetics featured in the The Artist

Movie The Artist with Gabriela Hernandez and her Bésame Cosmetics on vanity

Bésame’s Crimson Cream Rouge is a must have rouge for that busy girl on the run that wants instant rosy cheeks and vibrant lips, but without the fuss.

To purchase your own Bésame Crimson Rouge or any other Bésame Cosmetics products please visit: Besame Cosmetics.

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