Friday, April 15, 2011

What is Inside Wonder Woman's Purse?

No matter how busy Wonder Woman was she always made sure not to leave home without it. No, I am not talking about her bullet-deflecting bracelets. No and it's not her golden lasso that makes folks say the truth.  I am talking about her one and only super lipstick. How else do you think she got her super powers? Well, okay so it wasn't the lipstick itself that made her strong, but it sure made her feel perkier and prettier.

In January this year Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced that DC Comics' iconic heroine Wonder Woman will team up with MAC Cosmetics to create a Wonder Woman makeup collection that will be available by Spring. Well guess what a whole Wonder Woman makeup line is here!

We are especially excited about the lipsticks! With it's rich classy colors and signature Wonder Woman case is no wonder that these beauties have been flying off the shelves!

Here are our three favorites Wonder Woman Lipsticks:

Russian Red



Aren't these lipsticks fantastic? It would sure make any girl feel super pretty!

Oh and by the way if you would like to see Woman Woman in action there are actually full episodes from the T.V. show here: TheWB.

Now no one can beat that! 

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