Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Victorian Fashion at Plasticland!

I recently visited Plasticland to see what new things they have. And the first thing that I noticed was their new whimsical website design, which I totally love! In addition to that they have added new Victorian items that are totally cute!

For those that know me know that I not only love the 20's- 60's decades. But I also happened to be fascinated with the Victorian era. As a matter of fast that era inspired me to write my novel Victoria Lee Jones and The Valedictorians Secret Society.

So as I am writing my novel I always think what my characters would be wearing in any particular scene. What would Victoria Lee Jones be wearing when she travels back in time? Well she would wear:

A Victorian inspired blouse key print style with it's high ruffled neckline and puffed sleeve.

A Wool Victorian bowler hat.

A Black and white hounds tooth heeled booties.

And an Antique inspired pocket watch pendant necklace.

I think that it always important for a girl to keep track of time especially when she is traveling to a place where she haven't been before.

Well like Madame Carlton always says: "Taking risks is the spice of life."

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