Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Classic Fashion Designs: Maggy London and London Times!

I have fallen head over heals for the Mad Men vintage styles of Maggy London and London Times! These pretty ladylike classic dresses are definitely a must have's!

Both Maggy London and London Times have a wide selection of satin dresses that are perfect for any daytime event. To the more sophisticated metallic brocade evening dresses. And now for the winter they have these glamours chic knit dresses!

If you love the old classic looks of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, or even Twiggy, Maggy London and London Times will be your new all favorite place to shop.When you invest in a classic dress like this you will get your money's worth.

These dresses look like a million dollars because of it's rich textures, colors, and prints. And just adding a pair of classic kitten heals and some pearl earrings you will be ready to go!

Can you tell that I am totally excited about these dresses! I wanted to share you a little secret... many of these dresses are now on sale! Yes, that was why I wanted to share it with you all ! I just couldn't keep it to myself!

Classic styles are here to stay!

So are you ready to bring one of these darling dresses home?

You can find the nearest store where they sell Maggy London or a London Times dresses in own area by simply adding your zip code in their website, and viola you are ready to go! Here is the link: Maggy London

The following are several online stores where you can go:

1- Macy's

2- Belk

3- Dillards

4- Nordstrom


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Talk:" Curves Are Back." Were They Ever Gone?

When I read that "Curves Are Back!", in the Bazaar's May 2010 magazine I was super delighted! The magazine brought out that the fashion designers have left the "boyish" look and have embraced the ladylike styles. When I first read that I said to myself, "finally, it was about time!"

Designers everywhere are being inspired with the old fashion trends of the past. Especially the styles of the 40's, 50's and 60's. In the article it brought out how many designers are looking to Jackie O's, Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, and Grace Kelly for their new inspirations. Each and every one of these ladies had their own signature look that identify them as their own.

I am very thrilled by the great retro styles that have come back! For one thing most women like myself were endowed with soft lines and curves. We can't hide the fact that we are women. And aren't these styles to die for? I absolutely love putting on a dress that makes me feel pretty and ladylike. 

Now my second reaction to the "Curves Are Back", had me also wondering if curves were really gone. As far as I remembered I always had curves and loved looking for clothes that would accentuate my hourglass figure.

You see I came from the Spanish culture were it was alright for women to have curves. The women were proud and happy of having curves, and so were their men. In South America we never heard of women starving on purpose so that they could be thin. Being thin was a sign that you were extremely poor or that you were sick.

Women in these Spanish countries have always embraced their femininity. They love wearing clothes that accentuates their waist, hips, and other parts of their womanly body. Although they looked at the American fashion for style inspiration, at the end they still wanted to look as womanly as possible.

Although I wasn't influenced by the thin and boyish trend that the fashion world was sporting in their run ways. There were times that these skinny trends shown in the fashion magazines was alluring to me. I have to say that these people have a knack in making these thin girls look glamorous and perfect. I could sympathize with young girls and adult women that could easily be influenced by wanting to become thin.

Thin has influenced designers for many years. Around 20's the thin boyish look of the flapper girls were in. Thin again showed up in the late 60' and part of the seventies with the Twiggy influence. Then again in the 90's and up to our time thin was in again. This time the fashion looked more grunge and depressing. One article I read called it the " Heroin Chic" style.

I sincerely hope that the new curvy trend could stay. But as we all know fashion comes and goes. But no matter what the fashion industry dictates what women should wear, women of all ages, shapes, and sizes should always stay true to themselves. For one thing being a woman is great, but being a happy woman is even better!

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The Parlor Room

Has the thin look ever influenced you? Do you think that the fashion industry have to be blamed by encouraging the thin look? What advice can you give for anyone that has a negative body image of themselves?

We would love to hear your opinion!You are welcome to leave a comment below in our Parlor Room.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blue Velvet Vintage

You have this big event coming and you have nothing to wear. You are looking for that dress that is both unique and super glamorous, but you don't know where to find it. Where to go and what to do?

Well, ladies you don't have to worry or fret. We have found the shop for you! And that is Blue Velvet Vintage!

Yes, Blue Velvet Vintage is an all exclusive vintage and retro online boutique store that carries the best handpicked items that you can find. Ladies, you will be dazzled when you see there selections of silks, chiffon, and lace dresses! We are sure that you will fall in love with their 30's and 40's old Hollywood gowns, their beaded flapper dresses, and their romantic white wedding dresses!

And no matter what style period you love or what occasion you have, Blue Velvet Vintage carries it! There are a wide selections of colorful 50's sundresses, 60's mod dresses, and the 70's hippie dresses. And no matter if you a small or large size gal, Blue Velvet Vintage has something for you!

Blue Velvet Vintage carries several retro collections like TrashyDiva, Bettie Page Clothing, romantic 20's and 30's inspired dresses from Nataya, gowns by Janique. Blue Velvet Vintage even carries their own line of vintage reproduction dresses!

Additionally, Blue Velvet Vintage has the prettiest handbags and shoes that any girl will die for! I myself have spotted several handbags that I know would look perfect with many of my outfits.

And besides the great selection that this store has to offer. At Blue Velvet Vintage you will find the best personal customer service in town! Yes, customer service is something that Theresa Campbell owner and founder of store takes very serious!

Do you have a question in how to achieve that perfect time period look? Or are you looking for something specific that is not currently on the website? Theresa will be more than happy to assist you with any style questions that you may have. And she herself will look far and wide to help you find what you are looking for!

We call that the Hollywood treatment!

So ladies, what are you waiting for! Come visit Blue Velvet Vintage today! And find out for yourself that Blue Velvet Vintage will be your favorite online retro and vintage shop!
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